Monday, March 26, 2007

bungee jump in Fordbridge

I was unpacking my shopping and I heard very loud music (a new ante-social neighbour?) and the roar of a diesel engine outside my kitchen window

about 15 floors high

my first thought was, "Is it a boxing ring?"

Bungee Extreme Club - Europes No1 Bungee jumping company book online from £48: "Bungee Extreme was established in 1993, and all our equipment is independently tested and insured. We are members of E.E.R.S.A. and have a 100% safety record, as such we advise and work closely the Health and safety executive"

the girl in green is to be the first jumper

vantage point Crabtree Hall roof

there seems to be a problem

school was out about two hours ago

nearly ready

even the pigeons are watching

there seems to be a problem

now the girl in green gets a chair

and waits
and time to get your money back

packing up already

the wannabe bunjee jumper is still green

unscrewing a safety pin

and this pin takes a sledge hammer to knock it up and out

and the upper pin comes out next

and the jib folds for transport
Jib stretching and folding device - US Patent 4953724: "a crane capable of folding a strut type jib along a vertical side surface of a boom . . . ."

sliding in the stabilisers

He has just hooked the safety line to the jib for transport

and all the people have gone

picking up a foot

tough guys coming by

I have not needed it yet - dial a bus for the disabled and he old.

by the brown birch tree

looks like the roadies / roustabouts / riggers get their pay in cash

getting off the site

into Crabtree Drive by Merton House

and the booking office - like a small horse box - with the green sheet and barriers aboard

all quiet again
and I turn back to my sink

and meanwhile I was giving the celery, spring onions, and asparagus from LIDL a good soaking

and my favourite cos and iceberg lettuces

and cauliflower greens
before preparing them and boxing them in the fridge for use prewashed during the week to come - fast food but healthy.