Wednesday, July 26, 2006

lake view cafe

This afternoon I enjoyed sitting with fellow writers Eugene, Ellen and Linda by Sortedams Sø - the lake with the black dam - outside Den Franske Cafe

I love the texture of water seen on a hot day with a digital camera

Copenhagen with Østerbrogade running along the dam to the left
the vanishing point at the break in the horse chestnut trees is "The Little Triangle" Lille Triangel

Saturday, July 22, 2006

evening walk in Copenhagen

I sat on a bench by the Langelinie marina for visiting yachts

and watched the world go by

the sound of music at a distant party

from Norway and Atlanta USA

outward bound

and back - trips around the harbour - havn rundfsrt

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

chelmsley wood is cooking


went to pIck my last lettuce for lunch


Sunday, July 02, 2006

sunday tv

Das Erste satellite Astra 1B 19.2 E - Signal Intensity 78% Signal Quality 71%
I reached out the window and had a twiddle to get a fine adjustment

foto blitz on Sesame Straße

Ernie and Bert in Germany: Helping Preschool Children Learn for 30 Years
Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) was the first broadcaster in the world to purchase the rights to the American format.

Only the Bavarian broadcasting company Bayerischer Rundfunk refused to screen the programme – on the dubious grounds that German children would not be able to identify with the “negroes appearing in the programme”.

NDR has secured the rights until 2010. New episodes will continue to be shown on ARD every Sunday at 7.30 in the morning. However, daily repeats are now only to be found – in the morning and at midday – on the children’s channel “Ki.Ka”.
“Sesamstraße” on NDR deutsch
"Sesamstraße-Live" deutsch
Ki.Ka: the ARD/ZDF public children’s channel deutsch
“Sesame Street”: the original American version english

in Switzerland
a TV channel all about shopping for railway tickets - and what to see

BBC ONE Wimbledon and a good signal from FreeView digital

underway. You can listen to them LIVE on Eurosport or by clicking on the link below:
LIVE AUDIO: 2006 Tour de France

break away group tête de la course 1 minute 32 seconds in the lead
Fabian Wegmann (Gerolsteiner), Unai Etxebarria (Euskaltel), Stéphane Augé (Cofidis), Benoit Vaugrenard (Française des Jeux), Matthieu Sprick (Bouygues Telecom), Walter Beneteau (Bouygues Telecom) and Nicolas Portal (Caisse d'Epargne)Fabian Wegmann (Gerolsteiner), Unai Etxebarria (Euskaltel), Stéphane Augé (Cofidis), Benoit Vaugrenard (Française des Jeux), Matthieu Sprick (Bouygues Telecom), Walter Beneteau (Bouygues Telecom) and Nicolas Portal (Caisse d'Epargne)

these helicopter shots recall manyhappy memories of my time as a pilot

break away

the peloton saves energy by reducing wind ressitance, and finally catches number six of the break away - on the right

the red car carries the chief judge Directeur des Compétitions follows all on his own Walter Beneteau (Bouygues Telecom) who is nearly worn down
he came in number 138 in 4 hours 10 minutes plus???? for 150 km

final sprint the yellow jersy seconds before the accident is on the left
Jimmy Casper far right sprinted right past world champion Tom Boonen to claim a shock win in the first stage of the Tour de France
1. Casper
2. McEwen
3. Zabel
4. Bennati
5. Paolini

the yellow jersey down and bleeding Thor Hushovd after the finish and losing his yellow jersey by 2 seconds to American George Hincapie from Discovery Channel Team and read his bio

Strasbourg and when will the church be finished?

flash back showing that Thor Hushovd was too close to the barrier and one of the crowd waving the green cardboard hands

commentator Sean Kelly (himself a TOUR sprinter and a hard cyclist) explaining his ideas about the team strategy for tomorrow

Le tour
Site officiel du tour de France. Actualité, base de données historiques, légende du Tour. Présentatio... -
English version - Le Tour 2006

Équipe : TEAM CSC
Code : CSC
Directeur sportif : RIIS Bjarne
011 - JULICH Bobby USA
012 - LOMBARDI Giovanni ITA
013 - O’GRADY Stuart AUS
014 - SASTRE Carlos ESP
015 - SCHLECK Frank LUX
016 - VANDEVELDE Christian USA
017 - VOIGT Jens GER

the small numbers mean a high rating second only to Discovery

more numbers to watch
058 - RASMUSSEN Mickael DEN

139 - WIGGINS Bradley GBR

146 - MILLAR David GBR

in 2007 LONDON
Le parcours de la première étape, entraînera le peloton, en ce 8 juillet 2007 to CANTERBURY