Monday, August 28, 2006


of my new Sony Ericsson cell phone and my five years old handicam
This is an introductary page in the old catalogue of FOARK
(Ministry of Defence) in the Danish national Archives

about the popular tourist location in Copenhagen Denmark
pictures on google

Søfortet Trekroner
Canal Tours sejler til Trekroner i dagtimerne fra 1. juni til 31. august. ... Søfortet Trekroner ejes og administreres af Kulturarvstyrelsen,

good old handicam
and the lower case letter "o" is 10 pixels wide

new cell phone camera
and the lower case letter "o" is 16 pixels wide

so maybe I don't need to take the handicam to the archives anymore

Friday, August 25, 2006


København Universitet (Copenhagen University) Logo On a Bed sheet

you can see the same branding on the header of this web page

you can see a little of the great seal in this header

I will look in
no luck

has the image the giffers of FOTW need
but does that mean there are six versions of this flag?

now I will post this and contribute to the Flags of the World Mailing List i- the official Mailing List of the Flags of the World web site (main mirror:

Note: The pages of the Flags of the World web site are compiled from contributions to this mailing list, but that the process is in no way automatic and many times not particularly swift.

Københavns Universitet
Nørregade 10
Postboks 2177
DK-1017 København K

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Landsarkiv København LAK

Copenhagen Overpresidium divorces and Sorø births
and the weather rain and thunder in Copenhagen with more about the building

and I have started some forensic genealogy
We are looking for female line of ancestors and cousins of
Borum, Kirstine b: 27 APR 1925 in Sorø, Alsted, Sorø, Denmark d: 17 OCT 1988 in København, Denmark

Sorø church book births and baptisms of females
Borum, Kirstine b: 27 APR 1925 in Sorø, Alsted, Sorø, Denmark d: 17 OCT 1988 in København, Denmark

left in detail
father is Borum, Allan Eugen b: 19 SEP 1885 d: 1935
mother is Møller, Kirstine b: 7 AUG 1895 in Sorø but not found i kirkebøg so far
possibly that it is her married name from a previous marriage . . .

right in detail
unusual a late baptism at home

at the start of the volume of Copenhagen divorces - register index G for GOTTLIEB see case number 184
not the names I expected to see
possibly a brother in the same trade of Glovemaker

the wife in Copenhagen is suing her husband in Aarhus for a divorce

case number 184 the left hand page is blotting paper to enable a rapid entry in ink

Friday, August 11, 2006

Copenhagen arms and some flags

When I use my handicam in the archives the results go in for example

on the way out of the city hall this coat of arms in the enquiry office by main door caught my eye

what are these yellow or blue flags with the Dannebrog quartered?
see Flags of the World but unknown

Hafnia is latin for Copenhagen well Kjøbenavn or Köbenhafn to mention a couple of the early spellings

a square Dannebrog suggest an early date if authentic

Thursday, August 03, 2006

waterbus stop

my water bus will be here soon

this is my favourite bus stop by the Royal Library in Copenhagen

backing out

bridge between old and new libraries

her she comes with a bone in her teeth



Krak Veiviser 1925 Brumleby
with only "important people listed"

KRAK 1922 Østerbrogade 57 Kjøbenhavn

typical clothes of a danish working man in 1922

Hof og Stadt kalender 1737
who was who in Denmark. king and court, lords and ladies, officers and ministers



in german I think