Monday, December 04, 2006

after NaNoWriMo 4 Birmingham

and it had got quite dark in Temple Street Birmingham

after climbing the steep hill and nearly at the "High Town" I sat down and took some snaps
google map

I remember these as gas lamps

Lower Temple Street zoom shot down to the bottom of the hill

across New Street to the facade of the Pallisades shopping mall and car park undernetha
with Ladbrokes PLC: betting shop in Stephenson Street
"14,000 employees world wide."

the lamp lighter had a ladder to rest on the crossbars when he needed to change the mantle or wind up the clock which turned the light on and off

a long shot down the the hill of Temple Street

LATER when I was walking towards the 97 bus stop , this photographed me through the Coffee Republic shop window near the Great Western Arcade.
so I snapped her back but I was a bit too slow to catch her with camera in hand


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