Friday, September 01, 2006


my last bus stop is by the tree
and my phone cam had 87 pictures saved

this heron stood very still
so I grabbed my handicam and zoomed in

it looked burned out in the viewfinder so I took this too
a magic moment for me, and I was so very happy to end this Copenhagen day out with this rare bird.
SNAPS 3 is my new mobile blog - and the first post of the day was made on the bus to the archives

balcony seen from my bus stop

Grønningen 1 - 9
also the name of a group of danish artists grønningen site:dk - Google Image Search
Købstædernes Forsikring Grønningen - the insurance company - Google Search

a couple of original doors remain

the torch is an international symbol of insurance, and education

too bad about the tasteless new windows


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