Tuesday, June 20, 2006

milk before dawn

I got up at 4:15 am and saw the milkman delivering to the doorsteps of just a few houses. I have wanted to blog this for a while as a bit of old England fast disappearing

I love this light and tend to get up at this time before sunrise

the moon above Alcott Wood and the new Solihull College

zooming in to the new northern campus

not my best moon shot

seven floors below me, roses in the Merton House garden

I am in the spare room and looking north past my bedroom window flung open to ventilate the flat and my bed clothes

this milkman's round is very very wide spread and thin most of us get our milk at supermarkets these days and on saturday's he will come later to collect the money for the weekly accounts.

first bus driving out to its start position

from my kitchen window looking left, the back door of the next block

behind the shops no deliveries yet

milk float

milkman at work he will also have bread butter, bacon and eggs.

cleaning up at the doctors'

and on to the next customer - I remember horse drawn deliveries, then electric milk floats and this is a diesel


Blogger rita said...

yes Hugh your pictures are very nice.I'm 50 so i've never seen
the milkman comin' round with a
horse and cart (well at least i cannot remember it...)
Where i live (Belgium) there's no
milkman at all,since 10 years or more.
everybody goes to the supermarket
nowadays,it's a pity,i'm surprised you've found a milkman route's these days.nice to see this,it remembered me of my childhood years.
Wish you the best,rita.

4:47 PM  

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