Tuesday, June 20, 2006

accident at home

I saw the milk float at 4:20 am and rushed to grab my Sony DCR PC100 handicam from 1999

the camera was on the blue cushion

and I caught the middle toe of my left foot on the steel chair frame

I had grabbed the camera in my left hand and its battery with my right and rushed towards the window

I stubbed my toe here began to fall and let go camera and battery

I got both arms out and broke my fall with my forearms so neither banged my face nor hurt my wrists

but my right knee hit hard

this is my eye view as I laid on the carpet

with my 350 lbs and sore knees (the left has an old injury from falling on ice in Frederiksberg Allé in Copenhagen and previously in about 1957 in the Haymarket , London, it is difficult to get up again.

My eye fell on this radio table of oak from the panelling of Trostrey Court

(My granny had it made and a 1930ies radio on it)
so left hand there

and with my right hand I grabbbed this cupboard door handle

heave ho and getting my feet under me

I use this for drying sheets and towels

ow my right knee

I used a pain reducing trick I learned from the Scientologists when I took a student hat to learn what it was all about

In the fifties Ron Hubbard was a respected science fiction writer in the same class as Asimov and Arthur C Clark, and after I met danish journalists in Bobbi Bar who had only bad things to say, awoke a wish to find out for myself what it was all about

an "assist" touching this bruised knee to the cold radiator

at first gave a sensation like a mild electric shock, which when repeated some how signals to ones nervous system to reduce the ache from the bruise

Ron may have picked it up from a faith healer somewhere but it works
I got it by reading a book in their Copenhagen bookshop (I could not afford to buy it)

I wear rubber (now plastic) stockings to reduce water retention in my legs

the camera ended on the floor behind the radiator but still works

giving my sore toe an "assist"
reduced the pain but not the swelling which is still quite colourful

the negative views

Scientology is essentially a pyramid sales organisation distributing books and services - very american I fear




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