Wednesday, June 14, 2006

monday at home

4:40 am

playing with the zoom lens

AND much later

dustman at work

loaded up

and emptying the tub to await pick up

Merton House garden

on my balcony before I started some gardening amd replanting and thinning out

cress gone to seed and I found that I could manually focus for a close up

where I will plant out my tomato plants when I go on holiday

blossom over and all green

Solihull College North Campus is nearly complete

Alcott Wood mostly oak trees

Bosworth Drive
you can hardly see the Macdonalds at Chelmsley Wood shopping centre

oops 12:05 pm false colour because in the rush I hit the back light button

loading the dust cart

one minute later

car with two flags which increase fuel consumption and frighten the horses (reported by riding schools)

square bins from under the rubbish chutes

of MertonHouse

exit to Crabtree Drive

skip and building rubble behind the shops

tow truck with a dead red car

late evening light

on Bosworth Drive

8:05 pm

sunset and time to take down the flag

St George's Cross - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The standard of St George only recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity fuelled partly by football-inspired nationalism, but also by the devolution movements in Scotland and Wales asserting a separate identity. Until the mid-90s, it was the Union Jack which was used to support the English football team - even bizzarely at games against Scotland where it was literally the flag of both nations.

The Standard of St. George was adopted by King Edward III who declared St. George patron saint of England and his banner as the English flag FOTW


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