Sunday, April 16, 2006

easter sunday at home

empties from friday and saturday evenings
lidl cider - Google Search Woodgate or Scimitar
Bulmers Ltd. is the only Irish cider producer

this whisky simulates a straight malt packaging Glen Orchy whisky - Google Search
but was a PURE MALT blended in Glasgow by CLYDESDALE Scotch whisky
NAUGHTY NAUGHTY LIDL your lowland patent whisky trickery fooled me

large quantities of cider, made at Tilt's Farm, Woodgate. which had a big old-fashioned cider press. Cider was part of farm economy generally, issued almost as part of the wages of agricultural labourers. 1907 Quinton

new tree awakening
short cut across the car park

Why ?

going to a birthday party and the pampass grass has been replaced by a palm tree

green willow
new roof on the new Solihull College campus

football fan flags from a sixth floor window
not a monday but sunday washing day

blue distant hills like a child's paint box
I love this yellow People's Express
beendng towards the light - seedling peppers, radishes, cucumbers

lettuce in about six weeks
and one tomato seedling

I slept in the afternoon and went in the kitchen to steam my rice and vegetables before the new Doctor WHO repeat started on BBC3 freeview

this pink light caught my eye
and I realised the sun was shining into my north facing kitchen window and full of glee I rushed to grab my Sony Handicam

the setting sun is now a little north of due west

sunset has passed the next block of flats

looking west out of my kitchen window

rubber deposited on the car park


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