Wednesday, April 12, 2006

999 - Midlands Today BBC

drama from my balcony at about 10:00 am whilst having a late breakfast

smoke issuing from the roof of the Royal Mail
Chelmsley Wood Delivery Office,
Birmingham, B37 5RA
0121 770 5616 of course when I dialed 999 (the emergency services) they asked for the street, 1 Stephenson Drive, which I did not know

then I called the BBC to ask if they would like this photo and was told if nobody was hurt they were not interested - how should I know?

Later I saw two fireman in yellow helmets and orange suits checking it out.

BBC Online - Midlands Today -: " If you have a story you think we should be covering then give us a call on our Freephone tip-off line. The number to call is 08000 969560 or email us at



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