Saturday, April 08, 2006

my diet on saturday

my weight is around 350 lbs or 157.8 kg or 25 stone - stable or falling slowly

carbs for today - three portions of dry rice using the home made green measure
(I have run out of rolled oats and rye bread, but the lack of fibre may slow my bowels down later)

the steamer in bits with the rice just covered with water as I learnt from master cook ILK in Brumleby Denmark - takes 40 minutes of steaming

my four pills daily multivitamin with all minerals

(recommended by the danish pharmacist on the Faroe Islands where selenium is lacking because of the high rainfall)

a danish "water pill" with diuretic with potassium (english doctors don't prescribe the additional potassium) Diuretics - Drug Comparisons - Compare Drugs - DrugDigest

a mini aspirin to thin my blood,

and RAMIPRIL does something to my heart and blood pressure an ACE inhibitor Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme, Ramipril - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

at last breakfast on the balcony - 200 grams low fat cottage cheese - Twinings "everyday tea" (boring taste and not to be reordered) with skimmed milk - one third of the newly steamed rice with Worcesteshire Sauce and vinegar - a raw carrot

ice cold coffee with lemon for elevenses - the only fruit I have left is sliced frozen lemon

my LUNCH chopped raw cabbage with a chopped half onion, a glass of tap water (from Wales) and to the right the second portion of cold rice with a can of tuna in oil and wine vinegar from Italy (via Lidl)

and afterwards Nescafe instant coffee with cold skimmed milk

after the Grand National Race on TV, a snooze and "Flog It" whilst the pressure cooker was heating up, I enjoyed nostalgia with Banks bitter beer from Wolverhanmpton where I used to teach and live - the last two of a four-pack from yesterday

the third portion of cold rice with fish and reheated soup - carrots , onion, cauiliflower greens, diced cabbage

cheating again - after wards two pint glasses of 7.5% white cider left over from yesterday evening

Later four toasted slices of wholemeal brown bread (high fibre) with cottage cheese and a splash of Daddies Sauce.

Alcohol is a factor in my obesity creating an enhanced appetite, but relaxing and helping me to sleep well - I woke up tonight at 1:00 am after dreaming of PIZZA of all the dumb things, and started blogging and I will continue until I feel tired at about sunrise.


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