Tuesday, April 17, 2007

kitchen window

after another very early start at around 5.30 am
so I took a break at the kitchen window

one tomato and chilled black coffee with lemon and lime

I think they are buiding another new school on the other side of the valley

the ivy has been neatly trimmed this year

and this ivy is taking years to relax its gripafter it was killed

I could qualify for one of these little bungalows but I feel safer on the seventh floor of Merton House

floewrs are coming out all over the place

actually dandelions mean more in my childhod memories for me than cherry blossom

this lamp post is like a sundial
the angle of the shadow tells the time up to noon

and the lengh of the shadow the time of year
spring at about 28 days after the equinox
or autumn about 28 days before the equinox

I remeber when these were a new invention 4 cornered to replace the long clothes lines and clothes props in very back garden of my childhood

this garden by the footpath has a succession of flowers

this I blogged close up in snaps 4 a couple of days ago

arhitectural detail is good
(in Fordbridge parish)

"my" brown birch by the community hall


there used to be a much needed youth club but it has died I have been told

the weeping silver birch - an alien species

beeping backwards from the day centre for old people

Sutton Coldfiald TV mast easy to see but hard to snap

two BIG birds nests in that tree

and Lichfield TV mast


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