Saturday, February 03, 2007

breakfast before dawn

I got up at 6:00 amd as usual and decided to take my breakfast in the kitchen by the open window to get a dip in the freezing cold air. I could hear some bird song and the crows, and distant traffic on the motorways sounding like the sea on the rocky coast of the Faero Islands

I found I could see the Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield TV masts and stuck my head out of the window to sse if I could se the 8 miles to the Birmingham Post Office Towet

And there to the west was the moon again - last night I had enjoyed the light of the full moon in the east shining into my bedroom - and so I rushed to grab my handicam.

the bright windows are the passages from the landings to the trash chutes

the plastic framed windows replace the original steel frames and the 4 windows to the right used to be an open balcony when th blocks of flats were first built

if you look closely there is tiny horizontal greenline of neon at the tank station nearby which i took th 94 bus home on Sunday after the very long walk

the edge of the kitchen window frame

click to enlarge and see the airliner climbing out of BHX

waiting for her lift on this frosty morning

and there they go

another early bird

and another plane


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