Wednesday, March 22, 2006

BHX and IKEA daffodils

I got up just before dawn 22 March 2006 and the sun is just a fraction north of due east

order to see my guest off to Copenhagen from TERMINAL 2 Trident Road

zooming from the long stay car park at BHX Birmingham airport

note the two pitot tubes below the second cockpit window - these sense air pressure from which speed and height are calculated by the instruments

pitot tube - Google Search

up and away at BHX airport long runway

I live in Merton House, one of the three 10 storey blocks of flats to the right (left of the black tipped triple chimneys

B26 3QJ on the corner of the car park by runway 33

first daffodil growing wild seen in Walsall

by the roadside on a south facing bank

very difficult access by public transport with the nearest bustop in Wlasall Road, Darlaston was out of use

half way up the steep bank to the car park at IKEA Wednesbury near Birmingham

Address: IKEA Wednesbury Park Lane Wednesbury

West Midlands WS10 9SF


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